Acura Honda K20 / K24 Engine Swap KIT for Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo

              Acura Honda K20 / K24 Engine Swap KIT for Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo
Reg: $4,189.79
On Sale For: $3,989.79

This is the one and only "K-Swap" Engine Conversion kit for Lancia Scorpion and Montecarlo, a Midwest-Bayless exclusive!

Turn your Scorpion or Montecarlo into a lightning-quick, reliable and well-behaved sports car with excellent handling and 10:1 Weight/HP ratio or less!

Imagine 200+ reliable horsepower in your Lancia with 5 second 0-60, and 0-100mph in 13 seconds or less!

These are the exact pieces we use to implement in-house drive-line conversions of Acura/Honda K20 2.0L or K24 2,4L engines and 5 or 6-Spd Acura/Honda transaxles into a Lancia Scorpion or Montecarlo, while retaining the original LANCIA outer carriers, hubs, and control arms with NO CUTTING OF THE BODY OR ENGINE BAY REQUIRED!


Nothing outsourced or offshored here! We make this kit in-house using only the highest quality DOM tubing, heavy duty steel plate, with quality rod ends, cable components and fasteners.

The axles are formed from NHRA racing-grade billet blanks to spec by a leading axle builder in the USA, using the highest grade alloy steel which is then induction heat treated and magnafluxed prior to machining.  The axles are splined for Acura Honda on one end, and FIAT/Lancia on the other.

This kit is the evolution of our X1/9 K-swap kit that has successfully underpinned countless in-house and DIY conversions for FIAT and Bertone X1/9s.

We've done our homework so you're not scratching your head inventing a solution and hoping to make your project a reality.... And we've proven the design as "race-track" reliable.

This kit includes the most critical components to hold the engine firmly in place, and position the driveline so that the axles are perfectly straight; - an important requirement for longevity of CV joints.

While similar in overall design to the X1/9 kit, the biggest difference is the inclusion of a complete replacement transverse crossmember to replace the flimsy stamped steel OEM unit. 

The lower wishbone subframe fastens directly to the body using original pick-up attachment points for the control arms and transverse cross member.   Vertical engine and trans mounts then fasten directly to the engine and transaxle using existing hardpoints on the Acura/Honda driveline.  One additional steel pad is welded to the right side of the engine bay to enable a right-side torque suppression mount.

The design triangulates and stiffens the rear of the car and keeps the driveline solidly in place for both stock or modified, high horsepower motors.  

This kit includes every piece that typically requires the greatest design, fabrication and welding skills.

The kit is the minimum collection of items that any "do-it-yourself" or contracted shop conversion effort should start with.

It contains the following components:

1 - Transverse cross member 20% heavier than stock
2-  Wishbone sub-frame
3 - Rear transaxle mount bracket
4 - Forward left transaxle/motor mount bracket
5 - Forward right transaxle/motor mount bracket
6 - Right-side torque suppression engine mount
7 - Rubber engine / transmission mounts x 4
8 - Axle pair 
9 - Direction-reversing shifter head
10 - Shifter cables w/4x 10-32 Spherical Bearings
11 - Throttle cabling
12 - Serpentine belt idler
13 - Serpentine belt.

Please Note: Additional items will be needed to complete the install of a K20 / K24 engine and drive line. This kit alone will not do it all!    Basic modification of the fuel system to enable high pressure, FI fuel delivery, cooling hoses, and clutch hydraulic adaptation will be required.