Notes for International Customers:

USPS First Class postage is the slowest shipping method offered.  Parcels can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for delivery and cannot be accurately tracked.  Please choose this delivery service with caution.

All parcels may be subject to duty, taxes and tariff that is collected prior to, or after delivery.    We have no control over this process, it is between you and your government.   We cannot declare the item as a gift, change the value on customs forms, or omit the commercial invoice from your parcel.  These actions are illegal, so please do not ask. 

All US Postal Service shipping methods (First Class, Priority, Express) hands off to your local government delivery service (Canada Post, Royal Post, etc.) These groups often hold your parcel in order to collect taxes before delivery.     If you believe delivery is overdue, contact your local postmaster with the USPS tracking number for information.

FedEx will assess a customs brokerage fee, and bill for applicable duty, taxes or tariffs.  Depending on the country this can occur before or after delivery.    We have no control over this.