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Steering Column Assembly (Fiat 124 Spider 1968-72) - U8

Steering Column Assembly (Fiat 124 Spider 1968-72) - U8
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Part#: 4206816 (ASSY) -U8 (68-72)

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This is a steering column assembly for 1968-72 124 Spider.  Does NOT INCLUDE IGNITION SWITCH OR KEY.

17mm "Big Spline" unit as fitted to early 124 Spiders.

If you have lost the keys to your 124 Spider, replacing the entire steering column is your only solution. Without the key, the ignition switch can not be removed from its housing without cutting / destroying both the switch and the column.

Note: This unit is not applicable to 1973-on cars because of a difference in diameter of the input shaft of the steering box.

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