Fiat124 S-C

Alloy Wheels SET 4x "Roosevelt" 13x5 (Fiat 850, 128, 124, X1/9) - U8

  Alloy Wheels SET 4x "Roosevelt" 13x5 (Fiat 850, 128, 124, X1/9) - U8
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A trick set of period wheels for Fiat / Bertone X1/9 and other Fiat cars. Manufactured by A.R.E. for Roosevelt Motors, the main distributor of Fiat cars in North America in the early 70s.

These are 4x98 bolt pattern, 13 x 5" in width, hub-centric center with 103mm of backspace, same fitment as CD-91.

These wheels will accept a standard 11/16 "shouldered" mag-wheel style lug nut, available separately. Check out the multiple pictures.

Condition: USED (8 of 10)

Wheels are in good used, unrepaired condition, inspected for cracks.

These wheels have been media blasted with a uniform finish.   Minimal scuffs or nicks.  No visible dents or dings.

Please Note:
These wheels appear straight, but have not been spun-balanced to determine absolute trueness.