Performance Camshaft SOHC - 223 Degree Duration - Eurospec Street Cam (Fiat X19, 128, Yugo) - NEW

   Performance Camshaft SOHC - 223 Degree Duration - Eurospec Street Cam (Fiat X19, 128, Yugo) - NEW
Our Price: $189.79

This is very versatile street regrind camshaft.

Suitable for any SOHC Fiat or Yugo application (1300 or 1500), and GREAT for factory Bosch L-Jet Fuel Injected applications.

Similar in duration to "European" specifications, but with higher lift for better flow!

For reference, a stock North American camshaft is 212 degrees when measured at .050 lift.

This is the lowest duration street performance camshaft we offer but provides noticable improvements to torque and horsepower while maintaining a steady idle. Particularly useful with Fuel Injection to prevent rough idle at cold start.

This cam is a regrind from a leading camshaft supplier that we exclusively use in all of our race cars!

Sold Outright.

Since it is a regrind, the base circle is approx. 1mm smaller than stock.  To complete the correct valve clearances, one or more of the following is required:

1.  Machine -.020 off the face of the cam box (good practice to prevent oil leaks anyways) and slightly thicker shims to install.

2. Sink the valves -.010-.020 deeper into the valve seats to get additional valve spring protrusion toward the cam.

3. Use thicker shims, up to 5.0mm thick. 

Take a look at the multiple pix for detailed cam doctor analysis.

NOTE: all specs shown are at .050 lift; not the often overstated ramp-to-ramp spec.

Critical Specifications:
Duration: 223 degrees duration intake / 224 degrees duration exhaust) @ .050 lift
Lift: 10.26mm (.404") maximum lift
Lobe center: 108 degree
Fiat X1/9 All (1974-88)
Fiat 128 All (1971-79)
Condition: REGRIND
Freshly reground.
This cam was reground by a leading manufacturer and is ready to install.