Adjustable Locking Line Wrench for 10mm Brake Fittings - IRWIN

  Adjustable Locking Line Wrench for 10mm Brake Fittings - IRWIN
Our Price: $17.79

We've had so many calls from customers who inadvertently ruined brake fittings with conventional line wrenches, that we've decided to offer a better solution.

These pliers are the only answer to easily servicing old brake lines on any Fiat or Lancia.

Please note, this wrench will not work for larger 13mm clutch line fittings on Fiat X19 and Scorpion. A larger version of this wrench is available for those applications.

A high-quality locking "vice-grip" style tool by Irwin, this wrench features a unique "V-jaw" configuration that once fitted around a hex-head fitting and locked into place, will not slip or dislodge, even on previously rounded hardware.

Used in combination with penetrating oil, and in the most severe cases, a little heat, the most stubborn brake fittings come loose with ease and without damage.

This wrench is the ideal size to get into tight spaces and correctly fit the 10mm flare fittings used on all Fiat and Lancia brake systems.

This is the only tool we use for working on brake fittings at Midwest-Bayless.

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