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Engine Long Block DOHC 1756cc Carb (Fiat 124, 131) - CORE

Engine Long Block DOHC 1756cc Carb (Fiat 124, 131) - CORE
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Part#: 1756-Longblock CORE

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This is a complete 1756cc DOHC carbureted engine as fitted to 1974-1978 124 Spider, Coupe, and 131 cars. Includes block, cylinder head w/cam boxes and pulleys.
May be an "early" or "late" series 1800 as supplies permit.
All other ancillaries have been removed.
PLEASE NOTE: This motor is not recommended for Lancia applications, as 1756cc motors Lancia Beta and Scorpion have unique oil pans, oil pumps, and camshaft drive accessories.

Condition: CORE
This motor is of unknown condition but is confirmed to rotate freely. Likely a good candidate for a rebuild.
Head can be removed and bores inspected before purchase, just ask.
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