Rod Bearing SET Std. (Fiat 850, 600D All) - NEW (READ DETAILS!)

  Rod Bearing SET Std. (Fiat 850, 600D All) - NEW (READ DETAILS!)
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A quality European maker set of Std. size rod bearing set for Fiat 850, 600D and Autobianchi A112 engines.

PLEASE READ!   Few manufacturers are making engine bearings for the 850 series motors.   These STANDARD sized bearings, manufactured by a reputable maker, have the connecting rod oil jet holes mis-aligned as shown. 

They have correct journal clearances and fit properly against the crankshaft, but the oil jets through the connecting rod will not be available.   

This is typically not an issue to longevity or performance of a motor in low miles collector car builds, or competition or performance builds that use "H-beam" connecting rods which eliminate oil jet passages.

Fiat 850 Models (66-73 All 817cc/843cc/903cc)
Fiat 600D Models (60-68 767cc)
Autobianchi A112 (1050cc)

Condition: NEW
New and Unused.