5-Spd Transaxle (Fiat Bertone X19 1979-83) - CORE

5-Spd Transaxle (Fiat Bertone X19 1979-83) - CORE
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Part#: 5-SPD-X-TRANS-79-83

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This is a used 5-speed transmission from a Fiat/Bertone 1500 X1/9.

The piece is complete with no cracks or broken components on the case, shift select rod, or throw-out arm. This gearbox has no known history, so it should be purchased purely for the components above, or as an organ-donor for a box rebuild.

This item contains a 4.08 rear differential. Confirmed to be a pre-1984 transaxle with 16mm reverse idler.

Condition: Unknown.
Should be used as CORE only