Performance Camshaft SOHC - 236 Degree Duration - Street Cam (Fiat X19, 128, Yugo) - NEW

Performance Camshaft SOHC - 236 Degree Duration - Street Cam (Fiat X19, 128, Yugo) - NEW
Our Price: $189.79

This is very versatile street regrind camshaft.

Suitable for any SOHC Fiat or Yugo application (1300 or 1500).

This has significantly longer duration and higher profile than a stock Fiat cam, but is completely streetable.
It will definitely perk-up your carbureted X1/9.

Because of its extended duration, this item is the maximum recommended for Fuel Injected cars without use of a digital / programmable electronic fuel injection control.

This is the "middle" grind between the A-411 and the hotter A-16.

This cam is a regrind from a leading camshaft supplier that we exclusively use in all of our race cars!
Sold Outright.

Since it is a regrind, the base circle is approx. 1mm smaller than stock.  To complete the correct valve clearances, one or more of the following is required:

1.  Machine -.020 off the face of the cam box (good practice to prevent oil leaks anyways) and slightly thicker shims to install. 

2. Sink the valves -.010-.020 deeper into the valve seats to get additional valve spring protrusion toward the cam.

3. Use thicker shims, up to 5.0mm thick. 

NOTE: all specs shown are at .050 lift; not the often overstated ramp-to-ramp spec.

Critical Specifications:
Duration: 236 degrees duration (intake / exhaust) @ .050 lift
38-78 / 78-38 (seat-to-seat)
Lift: 9.9mm (.392") maximum lift
Lobe center: 108 degree
Grind A-400

Fiat X1/9 All (1974-88)
Fiat 128 All (1971-79)

Condition: REGRIND
Freshly reground.
This cam was reground by a leading manufacturer and is ready to install.