Performance Cylinder Head Assy SOHC 1.5L 1979-80 Carb. w/231 Degree Cam - REBUILT

              Performance Cylinder Head Assy SOHC 1.5L 1979-80 Carb. w/231 Degree Cam - REBUILT
Reg: $1,349.79
On Sale For: $1,249.79

This is a completely rebuilt 1500 cylinder head with performance cam applicable to North American 1979-80 carbureted Fiat Bertone X1/9, and SOHC Strada/Ritmo engines. (Not applicable to earlier 1300 cars).

This is a complete assembly with performance cam already fitted and shimmed, the entire unit is ready to drop onto the block. The other guys don't offer that. Be sure to check out the multiple pictures!

1500 cylinder heads have larger ports and exhaust valves than a 1300 head, and have a more efficiently-shaped combustion chamber. When milled -.075, it increases compression nearly to the level that a Yugo head can provide. Throw in a hot cam, and a good valve job, and this unit will really wake up the performance of your car.
We start with a very good condition 1500 10-bolt carbureted head, with 12mm head bolt holes. All threads / stud holes are intact, and clean coolant passages absent of corrosion or enlarged openings. All spark plug and coolant sensor holes have clean threads, and we replace any valve guide whose measurements are out of spec. We mill the head .075 to completely remove the combustion chamber "dish".

Note: Milling the head by this amount WILL affect cam timing. While the engine will run and operate correctly with stock gear, an adjustable cam timing gear is recommended to optimize performance through proper cam and crank timing. A 1300-style cam belt tensioner bracket and bearing will be required to correctly tension the timing belt.

We tap and plug all emissions ports, and tap the intake manifold coolant holes with a 5/16 x 20 thread so that they can be easily blocked if desired. New (not used) valves and provide a trick three-angle valve cut on the seats which has been flowbench proven to increase flow by nearly 40%! New competition valve springs with stock retainers are used, which are guaranteed to put up with a high RPM beating up to 9K RPM without danger of valve float.

Midwest then fits a fresh 35/75 cam, with higher 10.2mm lift, fully set-up and shimmed to spec.

The job is finished up by fitting a new cam seal, gaskets, and a freshened cam box cover with excellent condition springs and bushings that are cleaned and freshly re-assembled.

Condition: Freshly Rebuilt
Please allow 15 working days for delivery.