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For excellent quick support on common X1/9 problems, check out this page:


Consider joining the Xweb, the forum that built the above resource, they are a very friendly, knowledgeable group of people this is their main page:




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This forum is a wealth of information on 124 Spiders:





This group is the go-to place for Lancia aficionados.  Their technical knowledge is also very good but you may have to do a search of their articles to find what you are looking for:


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If all else fails and you simply cannot figure out how to install the items you bought, the item doesn’t work and it’s the second or third one you’ve replaced and the problem persists, please call our standard phone number 1-800-241-1446  / 614-784-8870 


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Lastly, we cannot perform electrical diagnosis of your car over the phone.