1982 Fiat X1/9 "VS" Edition

By Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto


10.14.19 - This car is sold

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Up for sale is a unique, limited edition 1982 Fiat X1/9. 

Manufactured at the end of 1982 production year, this is one of the first group of X1/9s produced entirely by Bertone, as Fiat was ending its association with the model. These cars were signed and numbered vehicles with unique interior/exterior touches including red leather upholstery and custom graphics. But, they continued to carry FIAT front and rear emblems, horn button logo, and FIAT manufacturer chassis ID plate.

500 cars were built to this specification for the North America market and called "VS" (Versione Speciale) equipped with 1500cc / Bosch electronic fuel injection engines, and air conditioning.   

This car is #87 of 500.

An additional 500 cars were released to the world-market as "IN" series cars, fitted with carburetion.

If you're looking for a mechanically solid X1/9 that turns heads, here's the one you want.  And it comes with a great story about the chassis!

A refurbishment of all major sub-systems has been performed. 

This car is titled by the owner of Midwest-Bayless and will be an individual (not dealer) transaction. 

This car has a 72K miles and a clean bill of health from Midwest-Bayless. 


The 1500cc fuel injected engine runs great.  It cold and hot starts just as expected with one try.  The chassis rides comfortably.  The 5-Spd manual transmission shifts perfectly in all gears.  It has unique and presentable interior and exterior.    You can spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort restoring a worn-out X1/9 to this level, or you could begin enjoying this car right now!


Body and Exterior
The body is factory Grigio Chiaro (light gray or silver) with Grigio Scura (dark gray), in what would become the familiar "Bertone" low-waistband two-tone arrangement for 1983/84 models.   

This car has been repainted by a previous owner some time ago, and the finish has some minor blemishes, but the vehicle's overall exterior presentation is high, between 80-85 points.

It has no rust or corrosion visible from the exterior but has previous cosmetic rust repairs.   It is the kind of car you can daily drive, and not worry too badly about an errant grocery cart or the occasional trip drive in the rain.

The chassis is solid and accurate enough to warrant the investment of a professional repaint if desired.


Replacement badges and original emblems have good color.  The pinstripe and "VS" sail graphics give it an eye-catching appearance.

The front air dam and grille are intact. The front and plastic bumper trims are straight.   The bumper flares are undamaged.

The car was rustproofed shortly after purchase.   The forward footwell floor pans are sturdy and solid but have a couple of problem spots that will eventually require small local patches (not full replacement), if repaired in the future.

  Original glass in all positions.  Windshield frame is clean but has a local touch-up and sealing of surface rust on the right side.     

The body panels are straight down the sides, with exception of a few very minor dings and two dents as shown.   


Engine, Fuel, Ignition, Exhaust and Cooling System
1500cc SOHC engine w/Bosch FI and Bosch electronic ignition

The driveline was removed from the vehicle for comprehensive preventative maintenance.   It received new gaskets, oil seals, and detailing.   Valve lash adjustment, new timing belt, and tensioner.     Oil pan was removed, rod and main bearings were examined and found in great condition.

Fuel tank was removed and inspected.  New filler neck hose, pump, filter, high and low pressure injection system fuel hoses, and reconditioned injectors.  Starts at the first turn of the key, every time.

The engine bay is clean with original, uncut wiring, and all factory AC items present.

Factory exhaust with original downpipe and catalytic converter.



The cooling system has been completely serviced with new hoses at all positions, new water pump impeller, and thermostat.   System offers rock-solid temperatures.  Cooling fan works correctly.  Radiator fins are rust free.  Under car pipes are solid.   

This car features factory AC set-up, with standard push-button heater controls.  All components are present and accounted for.  The compressor clutch activates as expected, but system does not blow cold.   A professional AC shop can diagnose and take necessary steps to convert to R134 at the same time.

Blower fan and heater works as expected.

All system grounds have been cleaned and serviced.   System has good voltages, even with wipers, lights and heater fan on.   All accessories and lights work.  All cabin switches, gauges and clock work as expected.

New distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wires.


Headlights have been replaced with L.E.D. H4-style bulbs for exceptional brightness and low current consumption.


Transmission / Clutch / Driveline
The 5-Spd manual transmission is in excellent condition.   It shifts flawlessly up and down with no synchronizer or reverse issues.   Shifter linkage serviced.

 All new clutch hydraulics including master cylinder, slave cylinder and fluid hoses.

New clutch pack (Cover / Disc / Release Bearing)

Axle boots and CVs are good.

Steering / Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes

KYB front struts front and rear with front lowering springs to eliminate the factory "nose high" attitude.   

Steering rack was rebuilt with new bushings and tie rod ends.  Forward radius rod bushings replaced. 

Control arm bushings and ball joints are in good condition with no issues.  All wheel bearings are solid with no hum or play.  


Braking system has been recently serviced with new master cylinder, brake pads, flex hoses and rotors.

Original, factory issue CD-91 alloy wheels with new tires.  This is the only factory combination of low-waistband 2-tone paint and CD-91 4-spoke wheels. 

Factory spare tire and wheel in excellent condition

Interior / Top

This car features its factory ribbed red leather seat covers and door cards, with red plush carpet.  

Dashboard, center console and firewall claddings are factory issue black.   Dashboard is in perfect, uncracked condition.  Even the glove box door works correctly!  Aftermarket AM/FM stereo with two rear-shelf speakers. 

Original FIAT-style, 1979-82 seats (mounted to rails that are welded to the floor pans) with red leather upholstery featuring the "VS" inset.   

The seat covers have been repaired / reconditioned in the past, and have rough texture, but are not cracked or torn.  The interior cushions are supple and all bolsters are properly tied.  Overall the seats are extremely comfortable. 

The door cards are ribbed red leather matching the seats, in very good condition.  Doors have manual winding mechanisms.   Carpet has good color and is untorn.  Black plush floor mats



Targa top has texture, with black interior headliner.  All weatherstrips are good.

Front  /Rear Trunk

Factory mat and battery cover intact.  Fluid reservoirs in excellent condition.   

Rear trunk is presentable with original carpets, mats and blower.

Repaired but solid trunk pockets.  Factory trunk jack and tool kit included.  

This car is available for at $9,500 USD
or highest offer

614-784-8870 or email to mad.matt@midwest-bayless.com



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