Performance Cylinder Head Assy SOHC 1.3L YUGO/EURO style w/231 Degree Cam (Fiat X1/9, 128, YUGO) - REBUILT

 Performance Cylinder Head Assy SOHC 1.3L YUGO/EURO style w/231 Degree Cam (Fiat X1/9, 128, YUGO) - REBUILT
Our Price: $1,449.79

This is a completely rebuilt YUGO cylinder head with performance cam applicable to 1.3L Fiat X19 and128s with 10-bolt 1300 engines. Not recommended for 79-on 1500cc applications. This is a complete assembly with camshaft fitted, shimmed and ready to install on the engine block. The other guys don't do that! Be sure to check out the multiple pictures!

A YUGO cylinder head is recommended for any 1.3L Fiat SOHC engine to immediately offer a nice compression and power increase, due to its smaller combustion chamber. The increase is significant on 1300 engines and is the smarter alternative to "milling the head flat" on a 1300 head. The problem with milling 1300 heads flat is that there isn't a good way to take up the extra slack in the timing belt when significantly lowering the head from milling. Using the Yugo head maintains stock timing geometry. With an aftermarket cam, porting and polishing, and a good valve job, this unit will really wake up the performance of your car.

We started with a very good condition YUGO head, with all threads / stud holes intact, and clean coolant passages absent of corrosion or enlarged openings. All spark plug and coolant sensor holes have clean threads, and have replaced any valve guide whose measurements were out of spec. The head was milled a minimum amount to ensure straightness while leave a good strong platform with a mirror finish.

We then provided a trick three-angle valve cut on the seats which has been flowbench proven on SOHC heads to increase flow by nearly 40%! New competition valve springs with stock retainers are used, which are guaranteed to put up with a high RPM beating up to 9K RPM without danger of valve float.

Midwest has fitted a fresh performance cam with 35/75 timing, and higher 10.2mm lift, fully set-up and shimmed to spec.

The job is finished up by fitting a new cam seal, gaskets, and a freshened cam box cover with excellent condition springs and bushings that are cleaned and freshly re-assembled. Cylinder head is a natural, bead-blasted aluminum finish.

Condition: Freshly Rebuilt