Owners Manual (Fiat 124 Spider 1971) - NEW

     Owners Manual (Fiat 124 Spider 1971) - NEW
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This is an owner's manual for model year 1971 Fiat 124 Spider with 1608cc (1600) DOHC engine. 68 pages, with wiring diagram foldout!
Covers all aspects of vehicle basic operation including interior and exterior controls, cockpit layout, and emergency maintenance procedures.
Sub-titled: "Instruction Book".
Note that a supplement was temporarily offered to this book for 1972 models until a formal model year 1972 owner's manual could be provided by Fiat.
To find the supplement, look for our item titled:
Owners Manual Supplement (Fiat 124 Spider 1971 to 1972) - NEW
Excellent condition.
Fresh full-color reprint with proper-weight card-stock cover, gloss pages, and fold-outs.
Exactly as they were produced by Fiat.
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Condition: NEW
New and unused.