KONI Double Adjustable Strut SET Front and Rear - Coil Over (Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo All) - NEW

                 KONI Double Adjustable Strut SET Front and Rear - Coil Over (Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo All) - NEW
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A Midwest-Bayless exclusive!
A set of four KONI coil-over struts, FRONT and REAR
for all Lancia Scorpion and Montecarlo, for street or competition use.
They feature rugged professional-series KONI 8611 double-adjustable inserts.
Give your car an ultimately adjustable suspension.

With this package you can run any spring rate up to 800lb / inch, and achieve any desired ride-height from stock, to race-car low. Even better, you can also adjust your camber using built in, slotted upper bolt holes. No more fumbling around with awkward and hard-to-adjust camber bolts!

And they include roller bearing steering pivots for the front struts at no extra charge.
The strut housings are custom fabricated from laser cut components and the highest quality DOM steel tubing, 100% tig welded and assembled in the USA.

The struts inside the housings are KONI 8611-1257 double-adjustable inserts that allow precision adjustment of rebound and compression damping through a simple turn of the upper (rebound) and lower (compression) adjusters. No disassembly required!
All "single-adjustable" struts allow rebound damping to be modified to match the exact spring rate that is used.
A double adjustable strut also allows control of compression damping, which in most simple terms, is an adjustment that can add to the effect of spring resistance at a corner, which is required for quick and fine chassis adjustments in competition applications.

Threaded aluminum coil over sleeves allow the use of any 2.5" diameter "coil over" spring in 6, 7, or 8" length.
This set is fitted with 200 lb/inch, 7" long springs for the front, and 300 lb/inch, 8" long springs, a perfect compliment for street application with a high horsepower engine.
If you wish to use something other than the springs as supplied, please call or email us prior to ordering. We will offer the strut set minus springs, and subtract $150 from your order.

Compatible with stock upper strut mount or pillow-ball style adjustable camber plates. Upper strut mounts as shown below are not included with the kit.

Condition: NEW
New and unused.
We typically have these units in stock for immediate shipment, but may require up to 15 working days for dispatch in certain cases.