Do you have new, used or rebuildable FIAT parts?
Wants your parts!

Earn valuable Midwest-Bayless store credit*

by letting us purchase your good used/core or new old-stock items.

Items such as:

- Rear Brake Calipers - All Fiat / Lancia

- Front Brake Calipers - All Fiat/Lancia

- Brake Caliper Sliding wedges and brackets - All

- Fuel Injectors

- Camshafts SOHC and DOHC

- Select carburetors

- Select cylinder heads

- Bosch 65A or 70A alternators (Fiat / Lancia 1980-on)

- Axle hubs F/R for Fiat X19 & 128

- Select Starters, Wiper Motors and Carburetors

- Most New Old Stock (still in Fiat packaging) items.

*Please note: Call for specific credit prices, which vary from item to item.

Returned components should not be physically broken, although in some 
cases, defects are allowed, at a lower credited value. All returned items are subject to inspection and evaluation of condition prior to issuance of credit.

Call us at 614-784-8870 / 1-800-241-1446 for
up-to-date core values.

Print core return sheet HERE.