1980 Fiat X1/9 – Excellent Condition

By Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto

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Up for sale is a 1980 X1/9 ready for a new home.   

11/28/18 - This car is sold

If you're looking an X1/9 that will turn heads, both on the street and at the next car show, this is the one for you.   

A refurbishment of all major sub-systems has been performed. 

This car is titled by the owner of Midwest-Bayless and will be an individual (not dealer) transaction. 

This car has a mere 42K miles and a clean bill of health from Midwest-Bayless. 


The 1500cc engine runs and sounds great.  The chassis rides comfortably.  The 5-Spd manual transmission shifts perfectly in all gears.  It has an extremely nice interior and exterior.    You can spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort restoring a worn-out X1/9 to this level, or you could begin enjoying this car right now!


Body and Exterior
The body is painted factory monochrome light metallic green (VERDE METALLICO), a relatively rare code.  It's the last of the "Kermit Green" shades.   

This car originated in New Mexico and is 100% rust and collision free.  It was repainted by the previous owner some time ago, and presents nicely.


Badges and emblems have excellent color.

The front air dam and grille are intact and all plastic bumper trims and flares are undamaged.

The car was rustproofed shortly after purchase.   Floor pans are great with no rust, damage or repairs.

Lower edges of the doors attest to the rust free state of this chassis.  Original glass in all positions.  Windshield frame is clean.        

The body panels are straight down the sides, with exception of 3 or 4 dings high on the body similar to shown.   It has a small number of minor chips that have been retouched during a paint correction process. 


Engine, Fuel, Ignition, Exhaust and Cooling System
1500cc SOHC engine w/32 DATR carburetor and Bosch electronic ignition

 Please note that this car has had all pollution control equipment removed, including the original 28/30 DHTA carburetor, and will not pass emissions compliance testing in any state or municipality that requires it.

The motor has been completely serviced with new timing belt, tensioner, v-belt, water pump and engine bay radiator hoses.  Fuel tank is in good condition.  New pump, filter, supply/return lines and fuel filler neck hose.  The 32-series carburetor features an electric choke and is correctly tuned.

The engine bay is clean with original, uncut wiring.

Factory exhaust has been replaced with a like-new, non-catalyst ANSA twin-tip sport exhaust for 1979-80 carbureted cars.


The cooling system offers rock-solid temperatures and the fan works correctly.  Fins are rust free.  Heater box has been serviced with new valve, and all controls work smoothly.  

Non-Air conditioned architecture makes routine service in the engine bay much easier.


Circuits in great shape, with good voltages, even with wipers, lights and heater fan on.   All accessories and lights work.  All cabin switches, gauges and clock work as expected.

New distributor cap, rotor, plugs and wires.   New starter and alternator.


Headlights have been replaced with L.E.D. H4-style bulbs for exceptional brightness and low current consumption.




Transmission / Clutch / Driveline
The 5-Spd manual transmission is in excellent condition.   Rebuilt by Midwest-Bayless to resolve a notchy 3rd gear, it now shifts flawlessly up and down with no synchronizer or reverse issues. 

 All new clutch hydraulics including master cylinder, slave cylinder and fluid hoses.

New clutch pack (Cover / Disc / Release Bearing)

Steering / Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes

New KYB front struts with lowered springs to eliminate the factory "nose high" attitude.   

Ball joints, tie-rod ends, and control arm bushings are in good condition with no issues.  All wheel bearings are solid with no hum or play.  


Braking system has been fully serviced with new master cylinder, brake pads, flex hoses and rotors.

Original, unretouched factory issue steel wheels with new tires.  While some consider these boring, they are the cleanest we've seen!  Include the original center caps and factory metal beauty rings.   

Factory spare tire and wheel in excellent condition

Interior / Top

This car was originally fitted with "Parchment" off-white seats, door cards, and firewall cladding, with orange seat belts.   These have been replaced with alternate OEM items for a cleaner "Black and Tan" look. 

Dahsboard, center console and carpet are dark brown.   Dashboard is in perfect, uncracked condition.  Even the glove box door works correctly!  Dealer issue Sonata AM/FM stereo with two rear-shelf speakers. 

Original style factory seats are in good condition with minor blemish on the driver side. 



Front  /Rear Trunk
Factory mat and battery cover intact.  Fluid reservoirs in excellent condition.   

Perfect rear trunk pockets tell the story.  Factory trunk jack and tool kit included.

This car is available for $13,800 USD or highest offer.



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