1977 Fiat X1/9 – with K20 Driveline Conversion 

By Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto

8.21.19 - THIS CAR IS SOLD


A beautiful X1/9 with all the power and go-fast goodies you've wished for...



This car has a well known history with Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto.  It was commissioned by a client for conversion to K20 driveline in 2013, and subsequently delivered and enjoyed for 4 years and nearly 18,000 miles, including a run with the Fiat Club of America "Fiats on the Dragon" fall tour in 2015.

In 2017, the owner decided to sell the car, and Midwest-Bayless purchased it.

In the last year we have fully refurbished the car, performing all necessary maintenance activities.  It features a complete exterior refinish, custom interior, and lots of minor updates / upgrades.   

In September 2018 the car returned for its second appearance at "Fiats on the Dragon"  with 20,200 miles on the odometer.

This car features all of the desirable options, including KONI coil-overs, Wilwood brakes, sway bars, Hondata ECU, and 15" wheels.




PaintPositano Yellow acrylic enamel finish.  

:  Saddle  Leather seat covers, door cards and console cladding, vinyl firewall cladding.

:  Aftermarket beige 

Dashboard and Console
Factory Marrone (Brown)



Body and Exterior

The body is straight and rust free, with no dents or door dings.


It was professionally repainted in 2017.    It includes "FIAT" -"X1/9" vinyl graphics on one side, with the matching pair included separately.  If you like the look, put them on the other side.  If not, just take them off!


Features dual through-glass side view mirrors and rear wing as fitted to later Bertone X19s.



Badges and trims have good color.  Original style fuel tank cap.   All lights and lenses are good.   

Engine cover is excellent with no rust or scale inside or out.  Floorpans are clean and all metal, although they have been previously repaired. 




Bumper delete front and rear with welded / smoothed bumper attachment points.   It has 1974 / Euro Series 1 style front turn signals.   


Engine, Fuel, Ignition, Exhaust and Cooling System:

2000cc Honda / Acura K20A2 driveline with X2M5 6-Spd transaxle.

This driveline was professionally installed by Midwest-Bayless in 2013, using our proprietary mounting kit.   Fully supported on a custom sub-frame, the engine bay was modified for ease of maintenance and basic clearances for the motor.

 All of the original FIAT outboard suspension, brakes and running gear remain.  The driveline interfaces with the outboard FIAT hubs using custom axles that mesh the Honda/Acura inner CV joints with the Fiat outer.

Due to the car's model year, and alternate driveline, this car is not likely to pass pollution control testing for municipalities and states that require such examination. 


The engine bay is exceptionally clean with replacement firewall insulation.  

The motor was recently serviced, including valve adjustments, VTEC spool valve replacement, new belt tensioner and alternator.



Aftermarket 4-2 "shorty" header connects to a 2.5" single-in/single-out muffler that provides muted quiet sound with NO DRONE at any RPM.    But it sounds like a hot-rod when you put it into VTEC mode above 5,000 RPM.

A custom "through-grille" exhaust exit gives a clean, professional look.


The cooling system features a 3-row Aluminum radiator and external thermostat.  It offers rock-solid temperatures a tick under 190 cruising on the freeway or being worked over in the twisties. 

This car has a non-AC heater box installed. 



Circuits in good shape, with correct operation even with wipers, lights and heater fan on.   Headlights have been converted to H4 L.E.D. bulbs and are highly effective.   

Features a 90A Denso alternator.

Fuel Injection ECU has been replaced with a fully programmable Hondata K-Pro ECU which allows custom tuning on a multitude of parameters if desired.   The system has a custom Midwest-Bayless engine tune that optiimizes the engine operation in the Fiat X1/9 environment.

All accessories and lights work. Headlights pop up and down as expected, all cabin switches work as expected.  

A "Bob Brown" L.E.D. instrument cluster is fitted with Marshall Servo speedometer and tach.   Digital volt meter, and functioning oil pressure gauge with warning light. 


 Transmission / Clutch / Driveline

The 6-Spd, cable-shifted X2M5 manual transmission is in good condition.  The custom shifter head that we provide with our conversions provides amazing gear selection control, with a much refined feel over and original Fiat shaft-style shifter arrangements.

. Rear transmission mount, drive shafts, CV joints are all in good condition.   

Clutch master, slave, disc and clutch kit were new when the project was originally built, so they have approx 20,000 miles of service.


Steering / Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes

This car features Midwest-Bayless KONI single-adjustable coil-over struts at all four corners for the ultimate in suspension control.  It rides on modest 175lb front springs, and 300lb rear springs, a great compromise for smoother road feel through the steering wheel, while propping up the rear end and preventing "torque squat" under hard acceleration. 

It has a Midwest-Bayless front sway bar with forward mounting brackets at-the-body shell (as opposed to clamped to radius rods) for maximum roll and bump-steer control, which prevents over-steer.

 ball joints, tie-rod ends, and bushings are in excellent condition with no issues.  Wheel bearings are solid with no hum or play.

 Freshly rebuilt steering rack.

Recently serviced Wilwood WHOA Brakes with 10" rotors front, Porterfield R4S pads in the rear.


Awesome looking ROTA Shakotan 15x7 wheels at all four corners.  Custom rolled fender arches and carefully clearanced to prevent rubbing and interference.   

New in 2018 Yokohama S-Drive tires, 195/45-15 front / 205/50-15 rear. 

This car drives and tracks straight, and is vibration / rattle-free.  
With these tires, and 6th gear,  70 MPH freeway cruising is 3500 RPM.


Interior / Top

1974-Style Series 1 seats offer an abundance of head and leg room to even taller drivers.    Seats, door cards, and console padding is leather.   Rear firewall bulkhead is vinyl.

Vintage Ruspa Italian 3-spoke 13-inch steering wheel. 

The center console has a few blemishes but is solid and functional.  The original dashboard has cracks and is concealed with a carpet dash cover. 



Window regulators and handles work smoothly. 

All glass is original, and absent any blemishes, chips or lamination issues.


Due to the conversion process, there is no spare tire included or able to be carried.


Targa top is in good condition, with a carbon fiber look smooth wrap for a unique appearance.  Unit has an original Series 1 dealer option headliner. 

Front and Rear Trunks

Front and rear trunks are rust free and have been epoxy texture coated for maximum rust resistance. 



Rear trunk contains an original jack and tool kit on right side.




$31,900 Or Highest Offer


Our knowledge, experience and reputation with Fiat cars, and particularly the X1/9 model is unparalleled. 

If you want the best, buy from the best.


 Additional photos or details are available upon request.   Buyer pays all shipping costs.  Vehicle will remain for sale until such time that a $1,000 deposit is issued by credit card or PayPal to reserve this vehicle.   Balance due by cashier's check or wire transfer.   Vehicle will be held for 14 days while buyer makes shipping arrangements, with $50 / week storage fee thereafter. 


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