Flywheel SOHC Lightened 4-Spd (Fiat X19 1975-78, 128, Yugo) - RECOND

  Flywheel SOHC Lightened 4-Spd (Fiat X19 1975-78, 128, Yugo) - RECOND
Our Price: $389.79

This is a lightened and reconditioned factory 1975-78 steel flywheel for 1100/1300 SOHC engines that mate to a 4-spd transmission.

This item can be used on all X1/9 or 128 vehicles equipped with 4-Spd transmissionm but must be used with 1975-78 "thin-style" 4-Spd clutch pressure plate (Fiat PN 44323516).

Not for use with "tall" 1974/Yugo style pressure plate. If this style pressure plate is used with this flywheel, the assembly will interfere with the bellhousing.

This unit has not been spin balanced. (If you are building a performance motor, you'll probably want to do this, matched to the crankshaft and pressure plate anyways....)

~10lbs - Weight of lightened flywheel with ring gear
~15.0lbs - Weight of stock 75-78 flywheel with ring gear

Notice the clutch plate bolt pattern, it and the ring gear are different than 5-Spd style flywheels. Incompatible with 5-speed bell-housings and starters!

Only for use on cars with 4-speed transmissions.

Freshly bead blasted, and remilled friction surface with correct, .020 height.