Factory Service Manual (Fiat Bertone X19 1979-88) - NEW

        Factory Service Manual (Fiat Bertone X19 1979-88) - NEW
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Highest quality printing complete factory service manual for all Series 2 Fiat and Bertone X1/9s from 1979-88.

Includes all color and fold-out diagrams just as the factory manual provided.

Covers all service procedures for carbureted and fuel injected 1.5L (1498cc) with 5-Spd transmission factory production versions.

This is not the common xerox reproduction in paperback.

Paperback (bound) factory service manuals are frustrating for the do-it-yourself Fiat owner due to their cumbersome, clumsy, and just-won't-stay-open-at-the-page-you-desperately-need inherent design.

No need to put a brick on the outside of each side of a paperback shop manual just to keep the thing open to the critical page detailing your service endeavor.

Plastic mylar covers.  Spiral bound.  Full page fold-outs just like the originals.  Check out the multiple pictures.

You won't find a better quality manual anywhere else.

No crooked pages, fuzzy images, or thumbprints here!

Condition: NEW
New and unused.