Factory Service Manual (Fiat Pininfarina 124 Spider 1975-85) - NEW

         Factory Service Manual (Fiat Pininfarina 124 Spider 1975-85) - NEW
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Highest quality printing complete factory service manual for model years 1975-85 Fiat 124 Spider covering all carbureted, fuel injected, and turbo-charged versions.

Includes all color and fold-out diagrams just as the factory manual provided.

Covers all service procedures for all Spiders from 1975-85 with factory equipment 132-series Fiat 1.8L and 2.0L 124 DOHC engine.

There's even a complete Turbo section for the Legend Industries turbo version!

Note: This manual also applies to 1974 124 Spider fitted with 1.8L 132-series engine but is not titled as such. It does not appy to 1973 or earlier cars with 1592cc 132-series engine, or 1438cc/1608cc 125-series engine.

This manual does not include wiring diagrams.  Those are available per model year separately.

This is not the common xerox reproduction in paperback.
Paperback (bound) factory service manuals are frustrating for the do-it-yourself Fiat owner due to their cumbersome, clumsy, and just-won't-stay-open-at-the-page-you-desperately-need inherent design.
No need to put a brick on the outside of each side of a paperback shop manual just to keep the thing open to the critical page detailing your service endeavor.

Pininfarina Spider 2000 All (1984-85)
Fiat 124 Spider 2000 with fuel injection All (1980-83)
Fiat 124 Spider 2000 Turbo (1981-82)
Fiat 124 Spider 2000 with carburetor All (1979-80)
Fiat 124 Spider 1800 All (1975-78, and most aspects of 1974 except carburetion specs and certain exterior components)
Check out the multiple pictures.

You won't find a better quality manual anywhere else.

No crooked pages, fuzzy images, or thumbprints here!

Condition: NEW
New and unused.