Engine Cover (Fiat X19 1977-78 + 1975-76) - U8

Engine Cover (Fiat X19 1977-78 + 1975-76) - U8
Reg: $227.79
On Sale For: $224.79

This is a narrow engine cover as supplied on 1977-78 X1/9s, similar in appearance to those used on all 1975-78 Fiat X1/9s.

This item is taller than covers supplied on 1973-74 cars and uses a prop rod, not a prop spring, for support.

Applicable to any 1975-78 car if prop rod is used as well. Be sure to check out the multiple photos.

Condition; USED (8 of 10)
This item is in very good condition, with no under-seam rust, which is where most covers have problems. Slats are straight, and side edges are rust-free. Average finish, will need to be repainted.