Engine Cover (Fiat X1/9 1975-76 + 1977-78) - U8

Engine Cover (Fiat X1/9 1975-76 + 1977-78) - U8
Our Price: $289.79

This is an engine cover as supplied on 1975-76 Fiat X1/9.

It is taller than covers supplied on 1973-74 cars and uses a prop spring, not a prop rod, for support.

Will work on any 1977-78 car if a prop spring is used in place of the rod.

Condition: USED (8 of 10)
This item is in good condition, with no under-seam rust, which is where most covers have problems. Has some chips and surface rust on exterior edges, but no corrosion. Stock photos used for this item. If you want pictures of the exact unit you'll receive, just ask!