Engine Cover (Fiat X1/9 1973-74) - U8

Engine Cover (Fiat X1/9 1973-74) - U8
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This is an engine cover applicable to 1973-74 Fiat X1/9s. Uses spring-loaded prop rod support. This item is shorter than engine covers supplied on 1975-on cars for a flush finish in the rear. 

Includes rain tray.

Pretty hard to find in good condition. Stock photos for this item.  If you want to see exact pictures of the unit you'll receive, just ask. .

Requires short hinges as applied to 1974 covers only, PN 4245494.

Condition: USED (8 of 10)
This item is in good condition structurally, with no under-seam rust, which is where most covers have problems.

Needs a refinish, but the slats are straight with minimal blemishes.

A quick wetsanding and a respray and this cover will look like new.