Carburetor Genuine Weber 32/36 DFEV (Fiat 124, 131) - NEW

 Carburetor Genuine Weber 32/36 DFEV (Fiat 124, 131) - NEW
Our Price: $419.79

This is a genuine Weber 32/36 DFEV carburetor applicable to all Fiat 124-series and 131/Brava cars.

Upgrade the performance of your Fiat DOHC engine by throwing out the anemic stock carb and fitting new and free-flowing unit! 32mm primary bore and 36mm secondary provides additional power without sacrificing mileage. Hassle-free and reliable electric choke cleans up the engine bay by eliminating those messy coolant hoses present on "water choke" carbs.

Manufactured by Weber, the highest quality and craftsmanship available. This unit is not a lower quality "knock-off" as provided by other vendors.

Please note: Fiat used a variety of throttle linkage arrangements over the years on Fiat 124 and 131-series cars. This carburetor will require your existing throttle shaft linkages and brackets to be transferred to this unit, and some slight modification may be required.

Condition: NEW
New and unused.