Camber Plate Pair (Fiat Bertone X19, 128, Lancia Scorpion) - NEW

Camber Plate Pair (Fiat Bertone X19, 128, Lancia Scorpion) - NEW
Our Price: $243.79

This is a pair of new camber adjustment plates capable of fitting to all Fiat and Bertone X1/9s, all Fiat 128 models and years, Lancia Scorpion, and other cars with MacPherson strut suspension.

We use these on our race cars!

These are universal fit with a small footprint.
Great for the smaller shock towers of Fiat cars.

All billet aluminum construction with a 5/8" ID spherical bearing insert.

If your struts have smaller diameter upper shafts (9/16"), a set of shouldered adapter sleeves are provided.
Shock towers will need to be cut in order for the bottom (yellow) sliding plate to articulate correctly.

Bottom plate can be mounted in two directions, allowing additional articulation outward if needed.

Please Note:
Proper fitment of the camber plate to a strut shaft may require modification to existing upper strut shaft components and/or additional items; depending on your specific application, spring type (stock or coil-over), intended use, strut type, or strut manufacturer.

A photo of modified components for fitment to a stock X1/9 strut is provided to illustrate the type of modifications needed and the assembly order only.

Those modified components are not included.

When fitting to a stock strut assembly (i.e. not custom coil-over), the stock springs must be shortened by at least 1".

For Fiat X1/9, use of these plates with 1974-88 stock front or 1974-78 rear struts can be accomplished by enlarging the hole in the lower aluminum strut cone and pivot plate flat thrust washer to 20mm (23/32").

Additionally, a 14mm hardened flat washer must be added between the cone and the camber plate.
Finally, the upper and lower sleeves fitted to the spherical bearing will need to be shortened by grinding.
See the multiple photos illustrating the assembly order.

These plates are Not recommended for use with Fiat X1/9 1980-88 style rear struts; including KYB GR2 rear replacement struts.

Condition: NEW
New and unused.