Bumper SET - Blocks and Mounts KIT (Fiat Bertone X1/9 1975-88 North America) - NEW

    Bumper SET - Blocks and Mounts KIT (Fiat Bertone X1/9 1975-88 North America) - NEW
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A Midwest-Bayless exclusive!!!

This is a bumper KIT with blocks and adapter mounts for installation on any 1975-88 Fiat Bertone X19 with North-American style safety bumpers. Ditch those big ugly bumpers and conceal the bumper shock tubes with a set of bumper blocks instead.

Includes 8 major pieces and all mounting hardware. Four bumper blocks and four bumper mount adapters. Click the photo for more pictures of this kit.

This is a "starter set" for bumper conversions on 1975-later X19s. It can be combined with our "Bumper Blades and Brackets" kit at a later date, to create a complete, finished set of blade-and-block style bumpers for your car.
The blocks are made of heavy fiberglass resin and include integral steel mounting points for rigidity and longevity. They are 1.25" shorter than a standard NA-spec block, so they give a nice, slim appearance and feature a textured satin black finish. TIG-welded mounts finished in smooth satin black. Black button-head hex-key fastening hardware included.

Just remove your original bumper and bumper shocks, and slide these in their place and secure with the original bumper-shock bolts. That's it!

ATTENTION! These are for off-road / show use only. Not for highway use. These are not NHTSA or TUV certified.

Condition: NEW
Newly constructed by Midwest-Bayless.

Please Note: Depending on demand, this kit may require up to 30 days for delivery. If you are interested in immediate shipment, please contact us before ordering on-line to confirm availability.