Control Arm Rear Left (Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo) - U8.5 / RECOND

 Control Arm Rear Left (Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo) - U8.5 / RECOND
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A left rear control arm for Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo.

Exact fit, with brackets for the rear sway bar attachment.

The rear ball joints are prone to excessive wear, and when they go bad, the rear end of the car will do very "exciting" things, due to the ball joint allowing abrupt changes in rear toe settings. Replacement NOS ball joints are difficult to find, incredibly expensive, and very difficult to replace. The easiest solution is to replace the entire control arm.

Buy with confidence; - we will offer a LIFETIME warranty on this item. If you have any problems with the ball joint in this item during your ownership, we'll replace it free of charge.

This item is in great shape.  It has clean-threads, original but checked OK ball joint, un-split ball joint cover, and NEW rubber bushings. Refinished and ready for install.   Stock photos used for this item, yours will be similar in condition to what is shown here.