Cylinder Head Assy (Fiat 850 903cc) - REMANUFACTURED

Cylinder Head Assy (Fiat 850 903cc) - REMANUFACTURED
Our Price: $1,078.79

This is a complete cylinder head assembly for Fiat 850 engines, of the 903cc variety. Include valve train components.  

70mm nominal thickness.  May be Cast 100GBC / 4183553 or 100GBC / 4274211 on head.

Head has been inspected for cracks, and machined to ensure straightness, has new intake and exhaust valves.  Combustion chambers are clean and free from water damage.    Valve guides replaced as necessary.  New valve springs.   Rocker arm assembly has been disassembled and inspected for wear.  Reconditioned valve cover and gasket included.