Main Bearing SET - .020 (Fiat 850 903cc + All 817cc / 843cc) - OE

     Main Bearing SET - .020 (Fiat 850 903cc + All 817cc / 843cc) - OE
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This is a Factory OE main bearing set for .020" (.5mm) undersize crankshafts in Fiat 850 903cc engines.

May be two-width or three-width bearing set as shown with center main oiling holes.

Two-width bearing set:
End Caps = 20.5mm
Center Cap = 22.5mm wide with oil holes.

Three-width bearing set:
Front Cap = 18.5mm
Center Cap = 22.5mm wide with oil holes.
Rear Cap = 20.5mm

FIAT and all manufacturers adopted two-width bearing kits with more oiling holes than stock to streamline bearing sets.

Oiling holes and grooves, while different than what may have been supplied by FIAT during original assembly, are fully compatible with all versions of 850 engines.  See diagrams. 

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