Alloy Wheels SET 4x F.P.S. 14x6 (Lancia Beta) - U8

Alloy Wheels SET 4x F.P.S. 14x6 (Lancia Beta) - U8
Our Price: $348.79

A set of 4 alloy wheels by F.P.S. that fit many Fiat and Lancia models such as Fiat 124 Spider and Coupe, 131 Brava, 128, and even Fiat 850!

There were fitted by the dealer network to Lancia Beta-series cars but were always favored by Fiat enthusiasts as an affordable alloy wheel for other models providing unique Italian styling flair.

These wheels use a 4x98 bolt pattern, with 120mm backspacing, and are 14" x 5.5" in width.

You can safely mount up to a 215 tire on these rims, but work and look great with easily obtained 185/60-14 tires.

These are beautiful wheels and were standard equipment on all Lancia Beta-series cars.   

For fitment on Fiat or Lancia models other than Lancia Beta Coupe/Zagato/HPE, you will need a hub-centric spacer at least 15mm thick in order to mount to your car and 50mm lug bolts. 

Condition: USED (8 of 10)
These wheels are in good used condition.  They have a clean finish with minimal blemishes, minimal curb nicks, and appear straight with no visible out-of-round areas on the inside or outside of rim. 

Please note that these have not been spin balanced and are sold as-is.