Starter - GEAR REDUCTION Starter (Fiat 850) - NEW

           Starter - GEAR REDUCTION Starter (Fiat 850) - NEW
Reg: $268.79
On Sale For: $253.79

This is a new, high quality, European maker gear-reduction starter for all Fiat 850 cars.

Higher starting torque and lower current draw than the original Marelli.

Due to the different design of the starter, a connector lug,  protected by a silicone cap sits close to the engine block when installed, as shown in one of the photos.  

While not required, one may wish to work the area of the engine block with a small grinding tool, where the terminal is closest, in order to provide additional clearance.

Yes, there is a difference between this and the "other guys" offshore manufacture units....

Condition: NEW
New and unused