Sway Bar KIT Front + Rear (Fiat 124 Spider All) - NEW

         Sway Bar KIT Front + Rear (Fiat 124 Spider All) - NEW
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A Midwest-Bayless exclusive.

Dramatically improve the body roll experience during sharp turning with this performance front and rear sway bar kit.

The front bar is 22mm and because it is shaped to clear the larger radiators in 1979-on cars,  it provides a direct and clean installation on any year 124 model car. 

Front bar is identical to the much sought-after, improved OE bar fitted to the very last Pininfarina 124 Spider cars built in late 1985.5.

The increase in diameter over the smaller bars fitted on all other 124 cars,  has an immediate and dramatic effect in controlling body roll.  And it does not require changing any other components on the car.

  • 19mm diameter (factory issue 1967-85) - 185 lbs/inch of deflection.

  • 22mm diameter (factory issue 1985 1/2) -  276 lbs/inch, 50% stiffer than stock

Beware of 1" diameter bars, which are difficult to fit without modifications, and result in an effective rate that will severely stress the control arm pick-up studs.

The rear solution is a 16mm anti-roll stabilizer bar kit for all Fiat 124 Spider cars except the earliest 1967-69 cars with "torque tube" style rear ends.  

Applicable cars includes those fitted with early (1969-78.5) and  late (1978.5-85) differentials, and is a great match when used in conjunction with our performance 22mm front sway bars.

Kit includes all necessary mounting components and installation instructions;
- sway bars
- bushings and brackets
- end-link bolts and bushings
- clamps and hardware

Condition: NEW
New and unused.