Ignition Switch (Lancia Beta 1975-82) - NEW

          Ignition Switch (Lancia Beta 1975-82) - NEW
Reg: $179.79
On Sale For: $139.79

This is a quality ignition switch assembly with keys by Marelli for all Lancia Beta cars 1975-82.

Note: Not applicable to Scorpion.

Includes five wire connector and key.   

Use this switch to replace your existing switch, in its entirety.

Please note, this is a complete aftermarket / replacement switch assembly (casting, internal switch, lock tumbler).  The parts it contains are not compatible as repair items for an existing OEM switch.  

Lancia Zagato, Coupe, HPE 1979-82
Lancia Coupe, HPE, Sedan, Wagon 1975-78

Condition: NEW 
New and unused.