Rod Bearing SET .010 (Fiat 850, 600D All) - OE

  Rod Bearing SET .010 (Fiat 850, 600D All) - OE
Reg: $79.79
On Sale For: $54.79

Highest quality Factory OE or OE Maker .010" (.25mm) undersize rod bearing set for Fiat 850, 600D and Autobianchi A112 engines.

note:  We are providing the OE Original Equipment maker rod bearings at a Special price that is lower than the marketplace's price for reproduction maker 850 rod bearings.

Fiat 850 Models (66-73 All 817cc/843cc/903cc)
Fiat 600D Models (60-68 767cc)
Autobianchi A112 (1050cc)

Condition: OE
Original Equipment
New and Unused.