Brake Master Cylinder (Fiat Bertone X19 1973-88) - NEW

       Brake  Master Cylinder (Fiat Bertone X19 1973-88) - NEW
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This is a high quality Italian maker brake master cylinder for all Fiat and Bertone X1/9s.

Includes provision for three upper fittings (one for rear and two for front) brake lines.

Includes correct 90 degree fluid inlets.

Don't gamble a difficult job replacing your brake master cylinder on an unreliable cheaper unit made in some far-east country.

We use this Italian maker's hydraulic cylinders on our Midwest-Bayless Fiat X1/9 race cars.

Replacing the Brake Master Cylinder is a big job. We get calls all the time from X1/9 owners who sadly suffered cheap hydraulic units that failed way too soon.

Fix It Right, the first time, rather than fix it again.

X1/9 MCs went through several different part numbers over the years, and differed only in the treatment of the upper spouts.

All are interchangeable.

Fiat Bertone X1/9 All (1973-88)

Condition: NEW
New and unused.