Alternator 55A Iskra (Fiat X19 All, 128 All w/o AC) - REMAN

Alternator 55A Iskra (Fiat X19 All, 128 All w/o AC) - REMAN
Our Price: $198.79

This is a high quality Iskra 55amp, self-regulated alternator. Applicable to all Fiat SOHC engines without AC including X19, 128 and Yugo.

Small footprint allows easy installation.

Fiat used many different alternators over the years on non-air conditioned SOHC engines. Their main differences were the output capability and internal/external regulator combinations. Mounting geometry stayed the same, however, throughout production.

Comes complete with pulley, and steel inner fan, ready to bolt-on. You won't find other vendors offering that. Uses a super-simple two-wire set-up (main lug to battery or starter, and kick-line connects to either switched +12V, or the black/violet charge indicator line (from terminal #15 of the external voltage regulator on earlier cars).

Check out the multiple pictures.

No core return is required, although Midwest Bayless will issue a $25 store credit for any serviceable Iskra or Bosch alternator returned to us, and we'll pay the freight! 

High quality, freshly completed. Six month, unlimited-miles warranty.