WHOA! BRAKES Kit for 13"-15" Wheels, 9" Rotor (Fiat Pininfarina 124 Spider Coupe All)

                 WHOA! BRAKES Kit for 13"-15" Wheels, 9" Rotor (Fiat Pininfarina 124 Spider Coupe All)
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This is a complete "Whoa! Brakes" brake conversion set for the front end of any year Fiat 124 Spider, Coupe, Sedan or Wagon, including Pininfarina 124 Spider up to 1985 (not applicable to 1985.5 Spider).

This is the only Wilwood brake solution for Fiat 124-Series cars guaranteed to work with any 13" or larger wheel.

Introduced by Bayless in 2007, every other Wilwood based brake solution for FIAT 124 is a copy of our original WHOA! Brakes design. 

If you want to improve the braking capability of your car, and improve ease of maintenance to boot, this is the kit for you.

They are the most effective and versatile brake upgrade that utilize affordable stock 9" brake rotors.

Further, if you ever desire to upgrade to larger 10" rotors, an affordable extension kit is available separately.

This WHOA! Brakes kit uses calipers that mount rigidly to the carrier, and include four pistons, two on each side of the caliper.

This ensures equal and more forceful clamping pressure on BOTH sides of the rotor every time you apply the pedal, eliminating the floating caliper set-up.

OEM Fiat caliper design utilizes a single piston on the inboard side, and requires the capability of the caliper body to freely float inside the caliper bracket in order to exert equal clamping forces on both brake pads. Dry, rusted, damaged or incorrectly installed brake caliper wedges in the OEM design prevent the caliper from operating properly, leading to clamping forces only being applied to the inside pad!

Incredibly simple to install, even easier to maintain!

Remove your existing hardware and put these on right in their place with the supplied hardware, without any modifications required to your car. Need to check the wear or even replace the pads after a few years of driving? No problem, the pads can be viewed and quickly removed from the front-side of the caliper WITHOUT REMOVING THE CALIPER OR THE BRAKE DISC!

Brake pads are unique to the Wilwood caliper, but available in several different compounds from a variety of vendors, at affordable prices.

Kit includes:
- 2x -  four-piston Wilwood calipers
- 2x - custom billet aluminum caliper brackets 
- 2x -  Braided Stainless Brake Lines
- 2X - Steel Spacer plate.
- 1x - Set Performance-compound Wilwood street pads
- 1x - Mounting hardware and instructions.

Condition: NEW

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