KONI Single Adjustable Strut PAIR Front - Coil Over (Fiat 128 / Ritmo / Yugo) - NEW

             KONI Single Adjustable Strut PAIR Front - Coil Over (Fiat 128 / Ritmo / Yugo) - NEW
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A Midwest-Bayless exclusive!

This is a pair of coil-over struts applicable to the FRONT of all Fiat 128, Strada, Ritmo or Yugo. They feature rugged KONI professional-series 8610 single-adjustable inserts.

Give your car an ultimately adjustable suspension upgrade.

With this package you can run spring rates up to 800lb / inch, and achieve any desired ride-height from nearly stock, to race-car low.

Even more important in a FWD application, the adjustable rebound damping can be dialed in to keep the front of the car from leaping into the air under hard acceleration.

Even better, you can also adjust your camber using built in, slotted upper bolt holes. No more fumbling around with awkward and hard-to-adjust camber bolts!

The strut housings are custom fabricated from laser-cut components and the highest quality DOM steel tube, 100% tig welded and assembled in the USA.

The struts inside the housings are KONI 8610-1437 single adjustable inserts that allow precision adjustment of rebound damping through a simple turn of the upper (rebound) adjuster. No disassembly required!
All "single-adjustable" struts allow rebound damping to be modified, typically to match the spring rate that is used.

Threaded aluminum coil over sleeves allow the use of any 2.5" diameter "coil over" spring, 7-10" in length. This set includes 250 lb/inch, 10" long springs, a good street solution.

If you wish to use something other than the springs supplied, please call or email us before ordering. We will offer the strut set minus springs, and subtract $75 from your order.

Also includes radial cage bearing thrust pivots at no additional charge!

Note the photos above and below show a 128-style upper strut mount arrangement. Ritmo, Strada and Yugo use a different type of upper rubber mount.

Compatible with stock upper strut mount or pillow-ball style adjustable camber plates. Upper strut mounts and upper steel centering cone washers are not included with the kit.

Condition: NEW
New and unused.

We typically have these units in stock for immediate shipment, but may require up to 15 working days for dispatch in certain cases.