Acura Honda K20 / K24 Engine Swap KIT for Fiat Bertone X1/9

              Acura Honda K20 / K24 Engine Swap KIT for Fiat Bertone X1/9
Our Price: $3,699.79

This is the one and only patent-pending "K20" Engine Conversion kit for Fiat and Bertone X1/9, a Midwest-Bayless exclusive!

Turn your X1/9 into a lightning-quick, reliable and well-behaved sports car with excellent handling and 10:1 Weight/HP ratio or less!

Imagine 200+ horsepower in your Fiat X1/9 with 5 second 0-60, and 0-100mph in 13 seconds or less!

These are the exact pieces we use to implement in-house drive-line conversions that enable the installation of an Acura/Honda K20 2.0L or K24 2,4L engine with 5 or 6-Spd transaxle into a Fiat X1/9, while retaining the original FIAT outer carriers, hubs, and control arms.


Nothing outsourced or offshored here! We make this kit in-house using only the highest quality DOM tubing, heavy duty steel plate, with quality rod ends, cable components and fasteners. All fabrication is 100% TIG welded construction.

The axles are formed from NHRA racing-grade billet blanks to spec by a leading axle builder in the USA, using the highest grade alloy steel which is then induction heat treated and magnafluxed prior to machining.

This kit has successfully underpinned countless K20 X1/9 in-house and DIY conversions.

We've done our homework so you're not scratching your head inventing a solution and hoping to make your project a reality.... And we've proven the design as "race-track" reliable.

This kit includes the most critical components to hold the engine firmly in place, and position the driveline so that the axles are perfectly straight; - an important requirement for longevity of CV joints.

The lower engine cradle strenghtens the rear chassis of the car and fastens directly to the body using existing cross-member and suspension pick-up attachment points. The mounting brackets bolt directly to the engine and transaxle using existing hardpoints on the Acura/Honda driveline.

This kit includes every piece that typically requires the greatest design, fabrication and welding skills.

The Stage 1 kit is the minimum that any "do-it-yourself" conversion effort should start with.

It contains the following components:

1 - Wishbone sub-frame
2 - Rear transaxle mount bracket
3 - Forward left transaxle/motor mount bracket
4 - Forward right transaxle/motor mount bracket
5 - Right-side torque suppression engine mount
6 - Rubber engine / transmission mounts x 4
7 - Axle pair 
8 - Direction-reversing shifter head
9 - Shifter cables w/4x 10-32 Spherical Bearings
10 - Throttle cabling
11 - Serpentine belt idler
12 - Serpentine belt.
13 - Manifold Extension Flange Plates

Please Note: Additional modifications are required to the chassis of the car in order to install the K20 / K24 engine and drive line. This kit alone will not do it all!   Cutting of the frame rails in specific locations and gusseting of those sections is required. Modification to the fuel lines, fuel pump location, engine bay cooling lines, clutch hydraulics, and throttle body are required.

Purchase of this kit includes a 20 page guide that shows recommended engine bay modifications, and techniques for implementing various subsystems including cooling system, shifter, clutch, oil pressure, and electronics.  You will also be given access to on-line forums and social media groups dedicated to discussion of X1/9 K-swaps.  

Additional kits are available separately to assist in the implementation of these subsystems.