Ignition Switch (Fiat 124 All 1968-77 + 1978-85, 850 Spider) - NEW

           Ignition Switch (Fiat 124 All 1968-77 + 1978-85,  850 Spider) - NEW
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This is an ignition switch for all model year Fiat 124 Series cars; including Spider, Coupe, Sedan and Wagon.  

Also applicable to 1967-73 Fiat 850 Spider.

Due to a shortage of quality 124-series ignition switches, we offer this unit as an economy solution.

Yes, this is the same Russian-made switch as sold by all other suppliers.  It is not known for its long-term durability, but is the closest and only "new" switch available on the market.

Does not include "Key Chime" circuit.

This switch has slightly different terminal contacts than those of the original switch used.

Instructions included on how to connect the wires from your existing switch for correct operation.

When using on 1978-85 124 Spider including 2000 series cars, the harness that is soldered to the terminals of your existing switch will need  to be transferred to the terminals on this unit.

Fiat 124 Spider Coupe (1968-77 + 1978-85)
Fiat 124 Sedan Wagon (1968-74)
Fiat 850 Spider (1967-73)

Condition: NEW
New and unused.