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Fuel Injection Fuel Hose KIT (Lancia Beta Coupe Zagato 1981-82) - NEW

Fuel Injection Fuel Hose KIT (Lancia Beta Coupe Zagato 1981-82) - NEW
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This is a flexible high pressure fuel line replacement kit for Fuel Injected Lancia Beta cars (Coupe and Zagato) 1981-82, which uses the correct SAE 30R9 / DIN 73379 with a 7.5mm ID, 145psi working pressure with 700psi burst rating.

This is the exact diameter used by the factory for all of the barbed connections to the fuel rail, as well as connections from the filter to the hard supply line, and the return line hoses after the pressure regulator. Use this hose to maintain the stock "collar-lock" installation.

If you have damaged collars during removal, you should order replacements or use additional FI-style clamps at those connections, available separately in the store.

Using the incorrect fuel line or clamps can have dangerous consequences. Common 5/16 (7.9mm) is too big and will not seal correctly using factory collar locks. Simple worm-gear hose clamps will cut into the line and quickly cause a leak, even on new lines.

Low-pressure carbureted fuel lines will bulge and weaken under the high-pressure of the fuel pump. A fuel line replacement should be performed on any Fuel Injected Fiat that has more than 75K miles or has the head and injection system off for any reason.

This kit includes:

  • 4 x 67mm Fuel Injector Lines
  • 1 x 155mm Cold Start Injector Line 
  • 1 x 555mm Fuel Inlet Line
  • 1 x 560mm Fuel Pressure Regulator to Return Line Junction
  • 1 x 360mm  Fuel Return Line to Pipe 
  • 1 x 230mm Vacuum Line
  • 8 High Pressure Hose Clamps.

Condition: NEW
New and unused.