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Fiat Bertone X1/9 Dallara Body Kit

Fiat Bertone X1/9 Dallara Body Kit
Our Price: $1,199.79

This is a Dallara-style Group 5 body kit for any model year Fiat or Bertone X1/9. Made of double-thick fiberglass, includes two front fenders, to rear fenders and a one-piece front valence to convert the body of your X1/9 to the wide-body Dallara look. Click on the image above to check out multiple pictures showing each piece in detail.
High-quality construction with great alignment to factory body contours, this kit is applied to the body using epoxy and then smoothed with body filler to blend with the car's original lines. The front air dam has multiple hard-point attachments that you won't find on other kits, to firmly mount the unit to the chassis in addition to epoxy bonding as the basis for aligning the fenders. It also has hardpoints for joining the air dam and front fenders together to prevent separation in that area because of body flex.
This kit is a quick and cost-effective way of rehabbing a structurally-sound X1/9 that has cosmetic rust issues in the front, rear, or rocker corners.
This kit enables an additional 2.5" of track at each corner of the car, and requires a minimum 7" wide wheel. Exact backspacing / offset measurements are contingent on the specific width of the wheel, however a 7" wheel with 80mm of backspacing is a pretty good starting measurement.
Includes five pieces shown in the photos. These kits are made IN-HOUSE. In many cases we will have one on-the-shelf for immediate delivery, but depending on demand, we may require up to 14 days for shipment.
Shipping by Greyhound Package Express in the Continental US only using the FEDEX GROUND rates that are calculated and shown here, and is guaranteed against shipping damage. Greyhound Package Express requires local pickup at the destination terminal within 7 days of arrival. International shipping please contact directly for a quote by FedEx with no insurance against damage.